Week of 11/7/11 Review

In our last blog we told you about the workshops we had coming up with Harlem Children’s Zone and Newark Now’s Family Success Center. Both workshops got rave reviews and we would love to share them with you.

One November 9th we visited the Coutee Cullen site within the Harlem Children’s Zone family of sites. Along with Chike Uzoka we conducted 3 workshops with a 3rd grade class, 7th grade class and some staff members. A 22 year old staff member commented that the workshop kept her engaged and she learned that more money doesn’t mean you can save more.

On November 10th we visited The Family Success Center at Bradley Court, Newark NJ is directed by Chesa Hodge of Newark Now. She recently stated, “It is very pleasing to know that most of the participants really came away with some new and enlightening information regarding saving and bank aspects.” A 14 year old 9th grader took away from the workshop that it showed them different ways they can save their money.

We at D.R.E.A.M. Inc. are really excited about those workshops we recently conducted and look forward to the developments with those organizations going forward.


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One response to “Week of 11/7/11 Review

  1. Renee Hefti - Graham, RN, Lactation Consultant

    Don’t get too excited about what’s happening at Newark’s 15 Family Success Centers. As of May 2012, Nestle has been given the go-ahead to take over the “education” of breastfeeding and nutrition under the guise of targeting childhood obesity. Nestle is corrupting the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign and undermining the Surgeon General’s 2011 report calling for all women to breastfeed.

    Unfortunatlely, Mayor Booker caved in to the offer of a “free” Nestle program and a check for $100,000.00. There is no doubt about Nestle’s agenda – the Mayor was filmed accepting Nestle’s check in front of a background of Nestle logos and their press release included ads for their formula. Further Nestle is hiring for Newark / Nestle – including for a PR to manage “damage control”.

    Formula is one of the major causes of obestiy and other illnesses, increases health care costs, fills the dumps with leftover and empties and costs more than many of the poor women of Newark can afford.

    The Mayor has been sent materials and letters from to help him make an informed decision but he refuses to end his partnership with Nestle and even refuses to meet with concerned NJ. people.

    Google the petition “Health Petition Newark Stop Nestle Now” to encourage Mayor Booker to say, “NO” to Nestle. And read a some of the negative comments about Nestle. Nestle has said they plan to take their “free” program to other US cities and states and have told their investors they plan to target Asia and emerging economies. Bad news for the health of our babies.

    The Mayor, by accepting Nestle’s “free” program is violating the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk, NJ Code of Ethics Laws, the Newark Children’s Bill of Rights Document and the Code of Ethics he signed when he competed in the World Mayor competition.

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